Our team

Miroslav Felgr

Project and FPOS a.s. manager and owner. In the past, he was a team member while developing road racing motorcycles of PERTI and FGR.

Oldrich Kreuz

The main constructor of the project. A former constructor in the famous company of ČZ and then also in JAWA. 

Stanislav Hanus

The main designer of the project. He also constructed some parts of the motorcycle. In the world, he is known for his projects of motorcycles for the company of Blata. 

Pavel Petracek

The constructor and the chief mechanic of the project. He is in charge of technical aspects of developmental work. In the past, he stood behind the projects of PERTI and FGR road racing motorcycles.

Lubos Felgr

The PR manager and the coordinator of the whole project.

Petr Adamec

A mechanic and a technician.

...and FGR Factory employees