The company of FPOS a.s. was established in 1992 in Ústí nad Orlicí. in the first years of its existence, it dealt with the production of various constructions such as railings, staircases, or simple machine parts. As the machine equipment gradually expanded, the portfolio of provided services in the engineering production grew - piece production of machine parts including the provision of thermal processing and surface finishing, the production and assembly of units for textile industry and also complex general overhauls of single-purpose machines. Recently, the company has been manufacturing also spare parts for both road and racing motorcycles.

The production of single-purpose machines for electrotechnical, automotive, food and air industries has become the major program of the company since the 1990s. Single-purpose machines are constructed and produced exactly to match a customer's wishes and needs. The expansion of the production of single-purpose machines required much higher demands on the production and assembly space. Therefore the company bought the former premises of a textile factory of 22,000 m2 in 2000 and moved there in the following year. As the demands on space kept increasing, the company made the biggest investment in its - extensive reconstruction of the FPOS premises. The reconstruction work started in October 2012, the final approval was in June 2013 and there followed a ceremonial opening of the reconstructed premises with more than 100 parking places. Thanks to the new space, the company can further expand its production and successfully compete with the other middle-sized companies.