Art of the craft

The Czech Republic has historical experience in constructing and manufacturing single-track motor vehicles. Already in 1899, the company of Laurin & Klement made the first Czech motorcycle marked Type A. In 1929, another famous brand, JAWA, started to sell its first motorcycles.  There followed the renowned brand of ČZ which began to produce its motorcycles from 1930. Other new brands came in only rarely, therefore Miroslav Felgr, for the sake of refreshing the motorcycle industry, began to dream about something new, big, about something the Czech Republic could boast about and be proud of in the motorcycle industry after the long time - about a motorcycle that would prove that this country still has top-class constructors, designers, technicians, and mechanics. About a motorcycle that shows a great part of handwork and the beauty of detail of noble materials. Therefore the unique project of FGR MIDALU was created, which is to light up the old glory of once famous motorcycle power.