The goal of the project is to create an exceptional, luxurious, and also comfortable, six-cylinder motorcycle of the Naked Bike class. When constructing the motorcycle, we took account of the basic construction of the previous project, the FGR 125 GP racing motorcycle, where both the tube frame and cut swinging fork were retained. However, this is where all the similarities end. The heart of the motorcycle is made of the FGR engine of an impressive capacity of 2500 cm3 with the V cylinder configuration. The motorcycle features the application of the best available components, materials, and first-rate processing. It abounds with many non-traditional solutions and elaborated details. Besides the engine, worth the attention are the self-supporting carbon fuel tank and a swinging fork developed in a non-traditional way. Other 29 parts to see on the bike are also made of carbon. Customers can also choose out of two kinds of carbon versions of the motorcycle. They can select the hardness and the thread colour of the hand-sewn seat and the front fork colour. Also, the chassis will be adjusted according to a customer's weight and requirements. There is a case of 1.2 litre capacity under the fuel tank cover to store small items. Nowadays, the MIDALU motorcycle with its capacity and output belongs among the most powerful motorcycles of the world. The initiators are convinced that the future lies in the originality and this is also the reason why this magnificent project started.